VacuVin Double Jigger, Stainless Steel


The Vacu Vin Double Jigger is the perfect accessory to measure ingredients for your cocktails right, ever time. One Jigger, two volumes. Made out of Stainless Steel


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The Vacu Vin wine pump and the associated special stopper ensures that the contents of already opened bottles can be stored and enjoyed longer.  

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The biggest advantage of Cooling Stones is that the drink is not watered down like it would be using regular ice cubes. The price is for 4 cubes  

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Get the perfect accessories to create the best Cocktails with our AsomBroso Tequilas. Made out of Stainless Steel with integrated strainer,  

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Simply add the correct measurement with Vacu Vin’s Double Jigger. Both sides can be used to measure the right amount of fluid.

Mix your Cocktails right, everytime. Take the guess work out.

  • Correct measurements every time
  • One Jigger, two volumes
  • Made out of Stainless Steel
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Tequila's aus dem Hause Asombroso

12,99 129,99 

259,80 0,13  / 1000 ml

Rested in new and unused French oak barrels for five years. During this five-year resting period, a distinctive and very wide-ranging taste spectrum has been created. The Tequila is also pleasently mild and soft. The bouquet of the Gran Reserva has been compared to that of a high-quality, aged Cognac or Armagnac by many sommeliers.

22,99 229,99 

0,02 328,56  / 1000 ml

For this lovingly crafted and heavenliness liquid, which is also highly regarded among whiskey drinkers, we used our award-winning AsomBroso Gran Reserva as the basis. After a resting period of 5 years in new barrels out of French oak, it is then transferred to rest for one more year in barrels of American oak, those barrels where previously used to rest Irish whiskey of a renowned manufacturer.

4,99 49,99 

99,80 0,05  / 1000 ml

What makes the taste spectrum and the color of the La Rosa Reposado unique and special, is the 3 months resting in French oak barrels which have been previously used to rest the finest Bordeaux wines. Award winning Tequila, perfect for being enjoyed straight or in a fine Cocktail.

3,99 39,99 

79,80 57,13  / 1000 ml

Our highly awarded El Platino is the foundation of all our other Tequilas. It is perfectly suited to be enjoyed straight, without anything added to it. Alternatively, it is a great base for amazing cocktails. Crafted from 100% Blue Weber Highland Agave, triple distilled, sophistically filtered, highly awarded.

Nicht vorrätig
179,99 1.799,99 

0,18 1,80  / 1000 ml

To craft ‘The Collaboration’, we used our award-winning Vintage 11 Years Extra Anejo. This exquisite Spirit was then stored for one more year in American oak casks from the world famous Silver Oak Cellars winery in Napa Valley, California. These barrels were previously used for the storage of Cabernet Sauvignon. The Collaboration is yet another creative and unique masterpiece by Ricardo Gamarra, founder and CEO of AsomBroso.

54,99 549,99 

0,05 785,70  / 1000 ml

The foundation for this tequila is our award-winning El Platino Blanco. It rested for 10 years in French oak barrels previously used to store the world-famous and renowned French cognac Grand Marnier. Very limited release, only a few bottles available for the European Market.

42,99 429,99 

0,04 614,27  / 1000 ml

This multi-award winning tequila has been rested in new, unused French oak barrels for 11 years which classifies easily as an Extra Anejo Tequila. This very long resting period is unusual for spirits from the Tequila Family but it is well spent time, it transforms this amazing Tequila into a perfectly staged and balanced firework of aromas and flavors.