1. Admire

Move the glass in a circular motion so that it forms an edge inside the glass. Watch the edge and count the seconds until the first ‘tears’ form. For any ‘full body Tequila’ at least 5 seconds should pass before the tears start to roll down.

2. smell

Hold the glass a few centimeters from the nose and inhale slowly. The fine odor nuances unfold best when you gyrate the glass again so that the tequila moves around in the glass.

3. Exhale


4. Sip and swallow

Sip some tequila out of the glass and swallow it. Before swallowing, you can also move the tequila around in the mouth so that all taste buds have been covered with Tequila.

5. inhale

Inhale with a normal breath through the mouth.

6. Wait

Hold your breath for a few seconds

7. Exhale

Breathe out slowly through the mouth and nose at the same time.